Bamix - Mono Silver M133

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Bamix became the first immersion blender in 1950 in Switzerland. It was introduced into the market in Germany in 1955 under the name Zauberstab, also referred to as the magic wand.Bamix is universal kitchen appliance meant to have versatile functions. It replaces items in your kitchen like the food processor, grinder, whisk or blender.

Rugged AC Motor provides exceptional starting torqueTwo-speeds with safety switchVersatile, Practical, Powerful, Durable2 Years warranty on parts3 Years warranty on motorCord Length - 62"115 / 60 / 1UL & NSF approved

- Multi-Purpose Blade (crush ice, make smoothies or to blend soups)
- Whisk Blade
- Beater Blade
- Straight Cord
- 600ml Multi Beaker with Lid
- Wall Bracket