Lumbeck & Wolter

Lumbeck & Wolter


A company with a long-standing tradition

  • Founded in 1920, the company specializes in the manufacture of pre-cutters, blades and mincer plates for mincing machines.
  • In addition to their use in food industry, our cutting tools are also employed in industries such as waste water engineering and plastic shredding
  • Big enough to produce efficiently and economically
  • Small enough to be flexible and individual
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Technical processes

  • Modern machines and equipment
  • Systematic quality management guarantees optimum workflow
  • Motivated and well-qualified employees
  • High stock availability of standard products
  • CNC

Specialized processing

  • State-of-the-art specialised machines
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling machine enables the blade to have an individual cutting edge geometry
  • Complex mechanical processing according to the customers' specific requirements
  • Individual custom builds for all sizes - e.g. mincer plates for emulsifiers

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