Norton 8" Sharpening System With Oil

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Product Overview

Norton Abrasives has been making high quality sharpening stones of the highest quality India stone, crystolon stone. Coarse, fine and medium grit always makes the best bench stones and sharpening systems. Used by professional butchers to keep there knives sharp and productive.

This durable ABS plastic case has non-slip rubber feet. The case acts as a small oil reservoir while sharpening,
and also provides clean storage when not in use. Fits all 8 x 2 and 6 x 2 bench stones (see pages 6-8).
All IM50 stations include 1 sharpening stone, 4-1/2 oz oil, plastic angle guide and a storage case.
??? IM50 Coarse/Fine Crystolon Combination stone ??? for sharpening and finishing