Sharpening Services



 In Store

 Visit our store to have your kitchen knives and scissors sharpened, most knives are $5.00 and scissors are $6.00. Turnaround time is usually 1 day.



 Fill out the knife sharpening form and ship knives securely, making sure the blades are covered with cardboard or plastic guards.



Knife Sharpening Form



 Commercial Knife Sharpening & Rental Services



Knife Sharpening Service

Use New Jersey Grinding's knife exchange program and you'll always have sharp, top-quality cutlery at your fingertips — without spending time sharpening knives or exposing your employees to the hazard of dull knives. Call or email for a quote.


Meat Grinder Knife & Plate Program

New Jersey Grinding offers a complete rental sharpening service for 

your grinder plates and knives, exchanged as needed to ensure proper 
cutting. Not interested in rental, we sharpen yours also.


Instructions on Shipping Knives for Sharpening

If your sharpening steel isn't getting your knives sharp, it's time to re-edge the knife. If your meat grinder is making is not making chopped meat, it's time to re-edge the knife and surface grind the plate. Cutlery Mania's parent company, New Jersey Grinding LLC, has been sharpening knives for more than 50 years. We remove only the necessary amount of steel to re-edge the knife at the factory-recommended cutting angle. Meat grinder knives and plates are sand blasted, plates are surface ground and knives are edged.

As needed, we will:

  • Take out chips.
  • Put on points.
  • Grind bolster.

After polishing and honing your cutlery, we send it back to you the next day .


  • Small knives (paring, boning) $5.00 each.
  • Regular & Large knives (chef, butcher) $5.00 each.
  • Return Shipping charge of $8.00.
  • Knives and Plates (sizes up to 32) $12.00 each Knives and Plates (size 52, 56) $15.00 each

Follow these steps to ensure a safe and simple transaction:

1. Ship knives in a secure fashion, making sure blade is protected with cardboard or heavy plastic.

2. Fill out the Knife Sharpening Form.

3. Include the completed form inside the box along with your knives. Ship to

We will contact you by phone or e-mail if necessary.