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When it comes to protective products for the food service and food processing industries, Ansell offers you more value, more product knowledge and more peace of mind. Wherever food is prepared and served, the following hazards are commonplace: steam, temperature extremes, contamination, sharp-edged materials, tools and surfaces, grease, and harsh cleaning solutions and chemicals. That's why operators look to Ansell to help protect their workers as well as their bottom lines. We offer a wide range of food service and food processing protective products, including gloves, beard covers, aprons, bibs, bouffants, and shoe covers, booties and spats. All these protective products were developed to maximize the efficiency of your entire food service or food processing operation- from preparation and serving to cleanup and maintenance. We maintain rigorous quality control standards, and only the highest-grade, most technologically advanced materials go into our products. Special attention is given to those products expected to be in direct food contact, and all products designated for food contact meet FDA standards for food contact use. Plus, Ansell backs its products with the kind of ongoing research and development that guarantees consistent performance on the job

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ansell gloves, vinyl gloves, blue vinyl gloves Ansell Cotton Gloves -12 Pairs Size 9, Large

Product Code: 76-607s9

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