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For over two decades, Benchmade has been committed to designing and manufacturing world-class sports cutlery and edged tools. They continually strive to manufacture high quality products that will deliver superior performance and provide great value for their customers. Whether you are using a Griptilian® as a basic cutting tool or one of our professional-grade rescue hooks to perform a quick cut in an emergency situation, you can count on your Benchmade to get the job done.

It’s not just a knife...

They believe that when a customer chooses to purchase a Benchmade, they don’t do so just to be different, they do so because they want the best. This mindset of innovating for improvement is alive and well throughout Benchmade. It goes into every design and comes out of every product. Admittedly, it’s not the easiest way to make knives, but it’s the only way they know how.

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Benchmade Offers LifeSharp Service

There's never a dull moment with a Benchmade... That's right! They will gladly re-sharpen your Benchmade knife to a factory razor sharp edge (service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade). If you prefer them to sharpen your blade, or if you may have neglected to maintain your edge for a while, simply ship your knife to them. They'll not only sharpen it, but they will also inspect the knife for any warranted repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance. Simply ship the knife to the Benchmade address, postage paid and insured. Please enclose your return shipping address with $5.00 for first knife and $2.50 for each additional knife, to cover handling and return shipping charges.

Note: Any automatic knife returned for Warranty or LifeSharpsm service from outside of Oregon must also include either a signed copy of the "Auto Knife Opening Acknowledgment Form", your web account username if you have already accepted the AKO Acknowledgment, or be returned through an authorized Benchmade dealer. No exceptions will be made.

LifeSharp sm
300 Beavercreek Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Questions can be directed to 800.800.7427 or, please use the
online contact form" .

Print and send with your knife(s):
LifeSharpsm Service Form
If an automatic knife, also include AKO Acknowledgment Form

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