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Welcome to Chroma USA, Inc. - makers of finest knives for the modern kitchen.

Whether your interests are primarily in hobby or professional cooking, they have the right knife to suit your needs. A number of well-known professional gourmet chefs through the world use Chroma knives in their kitchens. Take the time to look through their collections on line, and they are confident you will find their knives a welcome addition to your kitchen as well.
Visit one of the above to see their products, read their "cutting" philosophy, to find out about dealer in your area, or to contact us directly.

Their knives are manufactured in the best factories and are made of the finest and strongest modern high-grade steel from Japan. Knives by Chroma Cutlery are extremely sharp and hold their edge for a very long time. This means you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time sharpening a dull knife.

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Chroma Sharpening Guide Rail Set 2-parts Chroma Sharpening Guide Rail Set 2-Parts

Product Code: ST-G

list price: $12.94
Our Price: 9.95
Chroma Japanchef 3.5" Paring Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma J01 - 3 1/2in Paring Knife

Product Code: J01

list price: $32.44
Our Price: 24.95
Chroma 8.25'' Chef Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma J06 - 8 1/4 Chef Knife

Product Code: J06-C

list price: $61.04
Our Price: 46.95
Chroma 10.25'' Chef Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma 10.25'' Chef Knife

Product Code: J07

list price: $71.44
Our Price: 54.95
Chroma Type-301 -  3 1/4 inch Paring Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma Type-301 - 3 1/4 Inch Paring Knife

Product Code: P09

list price: $71.44
Our Price: 54.95
Chroma Type-301 -  #800 Whetstone | CutleryMania.com Chroma Type-301 - #800 Whetstone

Product Code: P11

list price: $80.54
Our Price: 61.95
Chroma Haiku 6 in Small Yabocho Knife Chroma Haiku 6 In Small Yabocho Knife

Product Code: H14

list price: $96.14
Our Price: 73.95
Chroma ST - 240 Japanese Whetstone | CutleryMania.com Chroma St - 240 Whetstone

Product Code: ST-240

list price: $116.94
Our Price: 89.95
Chroma Type-301 - Carving Fork Chroma Type-301 - Carving Fork

Product Code: P17

list price: $128.64
Our Price: 98.95
P07- 7 3/4 inch Filet Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma P07- 7 3/4 Inch Filet Knife

Product Code: P07

list price: $129.94
Our Price: 99.95
P21- 7 1/4 inch Santoku Granton | CutleryMania.com Chroma P21- 7 1/4 Inch Santoku Granton

Product Code: P21

list price: $155.94
Our Price: 119.95
Chroma Type-301 - 8in Chef Knife Chroma Type-301 - 8in Chef Knife

Product Code: P18

list price: $162.44
Our Price: 124.95
Chroma Whetstone ST 1000/6500 Whetstone Chroma Whetstone St 1000/6500 Whetstone

Product Code: ST 1000/6500

list price: $172.84
Our Price: 132.95
Chroma Type-301 10in Chef Knife Chroma Type-301 - 10in Chef Knife

Product Code: P01

list price: $187.14
Our Price: 143.95
Chroma Type-301 - Carving Set Chroma Type-301 - Carving Set

Product Code: P517

list price: $227.44
Our Price: 174.95
Chroma Kasumi Titanium Coated 7.75 inch Blue Chef Knife | CutleryMania.com Chroma Ktb1 - 7 3/4in Chef Knife/ Blue

Product Code: KTB1

list price: $228.74
Our Price: 175.95
P529 - 3 piece set P05/P02/P09 | CutleryMania.com Chroma P529 - 3 Piece Set P05/P02/P09

Product Code: P529

list price: $276.84
Our Price: 212.95
Chroma Haiku Kurouchi Nakiri 6 3/4in Yasai-Giri Chroma Haiku Kurouchi Nakiri 6 3/4in Yasai-Giri

Product Code: B01

list price: $284.64
Our Price: 218.95
Chroma Haiku Kurouchi 8 1/2in Gyuto Chef Knife Chroma Haiku Kurouchi 8 1/2in Gyuto Chef Knife

Product Code: B08

list price: $332.74
Our Price: 255.95
PO148-10 piece set/ P01 -02 -04 -05 -06 -07 -09 -10 -19 -12/w free P11 | CutleryMania.com Chroma Po148-10 Piece Set/ P01 -02 -04 -05 -06 -07 -09 -10 -19 -12/W Free P11

Product Code: PO148

list price: $1,117.94
Our Price: 859.95