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For more than 100 years, the highly skilled artisans of KAI Corporation have been producing blades of unparalleled quality in the spirit of the legendary sword smiths of Japan. For three generations, we have been dedicated to listening to the voices of our customers, providing products that contribute to a more tasteful life.
Incredibly sharp edges, partnered with a stunning aesthetic, set Shun knives apart from every other kitchen knife on the market today.
In the tradition of Seki’s sword smiths, every knife is handmade by highly skilled specialists and requires at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete. Every day, the legacy of ancient sword smiths serves as inspiration to the artisans in the KAI factories. This tradition of excellence, combined with the newest technology and advanced materials, makes every Shun knife a functional work of art.

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FREE Sharpening is Back!

Yes! Effective September 4, 2012, Kai USA Ltd. is once again sharpening your Shun cutlery for free, for as long as you own it. It’s as simple as that. You pay for shipping, and their expert sharpening services are FREE. If you live in the Shun area, you may also bring your Shun knives in for free sharpening. They can sharpen up to two knives while you wait; more than two and they will be ready for you to pick up the next day.

They Heard You

Sharpening is back because they listened to you, our customers. Many of you were disappointed when they discontinued sharpening there at their Oregon facility. But they’ve improved their processes and now they’re back—and ready to sharpen your Shuns on their amazing Japanese hiramae. This is the same type of large, horizontal sharpening wheel that was used to put the original precision edge on your Shuns in Japan.

If you have questions about their sharpening services or your limited warranty and how to take advantage of it, please check their FAQs to see whether your question has already been answered. If not, just contact their Warranty Service Team and they’ll be happy to help.

To receive Shun and Kai sharpening and warranty service please click on this following link:

Process a Sharpening & Warranty Service