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From dressmaking scissors and sewing shears to fabric scissors and pinking shears... we can provide you with the best scissors for a variety of professional or household projects. We carry Mundial scissors and Wiss scissors, which are precision instruments designed to make your job, your sewing work, or your hobby easier and more productive. Check out the extensive line of Wiss and Mundial scissors featured on our web site -- most of which are in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours. In addition to sewing and embroidery scissors, we also carry an array of heavy-duty shears that can be used for cutting upholstery, drapery, fabric, leather, belts, and even rugs. For kitchen, restaurant, and food services uses, we also carry poultry shears, fish shears, and other kitchen shears from well-known manufacturers, such as F. Dick, Henckels, and Wiss.
Scissor Selection Guide

The following guide should help you select the scissors or shears that are best suited for a particular task.

Hair Scissors

Embroidery Scissors

Are used for light work that entails close detail. The blades are slim and sharp with fine, precise points.
Sewing Scissors
Are used for light to medium cutting tasks such as trimming and clipping seams and loose threads. Featuring one pointed and one rounded tip on the blade.
Pinking Shears

Are used for finishing seams with a resistant jagged edge, which prevents the threads in the fabric from coming undone and loose. They are also used for decorative appliqué cutting.

Take-A-Part Kitchen Shears

Are used for cutting meats and vegetables, cracking nuts and uncapping bottles. Notch snaps small wood and wire. Also great for plastic canvas crafts. Shears are all-purpose lightweight stainless steel with take-a-part blades for easy, thorough cleaning.
Thread Clips

Are used for quick snipping and tight seam stitch cutting. The ring fits over the ring or middle finger and the implement rests in the hand. The thumb and index finger work the spring action blades. shears do not harm the cutting surface.

Dressmaker Shears

Are used for a wide range of cutting tasks. These shears are able to cut through fabric of many weights. They are designed with bent or offset handles so that whatever is being cut does not have to be lifted off the cutting surface and to ensure that the shears do not harm the cutting surface. The most popular length of dressmaker shears is 8”.