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Wicked Edge


In 2007, Clay Allison of Santa Fe Outfitters and Devin Kennemore of C Squared LLC joined together to design products for the outdoors industry. With decades of experience in outfitting and search-and-rescue, the two have a unique resume of combined talents and training that lend themselves to identifying areas of need in their fields and for developing solutions in those areas. In the spring of 2007 Clay and Devin were working on their up-coming video, "An Outfitter's Guide to Field Dressing Large Game." Field dressing is tough on knives and in the process, they did a lot of sharpening. By the end of the filming, they had each reached the end of patience with existing knife sharpeners. After talking it over, they got together to solve the shortcomings of the sharpeners they found so frustrating. The result of their collaboration was the first set of drawings for the sharpener that would become the Wicked Edge.

Sharpeners Stones Accessories