Band Saw Blade Bone-In 109'' 3tpi X 5/8 X .022

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Product Overview


Fits on Machine Model: Length in Inches:
All American - 616 109
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  Beef, Pork,Fish, Lamb Bone-in
Optimum Use: Bone-In 5/8 x .022 x 3 TPI Blade
  Bone-In 5/8 x .022 x 4 TPI Blade
  Bone-In 5/8 x .025 x 3 TPI Blade
  Beef, Pork, Lamb Boneless
Optimum Use: 5/8x.022x2TPI Scallop Blade
  Carcass Splitting
Optimum Use: 3/4x.025x3TPI Hardened Tooth


Cutlery Mania Band Saws


Cutlery Mania Band Saws come from the industry 
leader in manufacturing: meat saw blades, 
fish band saw blades, packing house splitter 
band saw blades, hand saw blades, and 
deli slicer blades.


Make sure you have new blades for your meat processing.


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  • 25% Off / 80 or more
  • 32% Off / 160 or more


Materials and Use


The blade material is a high carbon spring 
steel which is the standard for the industry, 
the blade is heat treatable and the tooth is 
heat treated for long life.


  • 4TPI blades is a tooth selection used 
    normally for smoother cutting finishes

  • 3TPI blade is best used if you are cutting 
    bone-in or frozen meat since this provides
    faster production.


Get the brand you can trust!


  • Our Bandsaw Blades are individually wrapped in rust-inhibiting paper

  • Blade is heat treatable and the tooth is heat treated for long life.






  • Blades have the Cutlery Mania brand on them to insure quality steel and specifications
  • Made In The USA



  • Wrapped for safe handling for your employees.

  • Blade material is a high carbon spring steel - standard for the industry

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