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 Premium Slicer Blades                                                         ABT Slicer Blades

     Bread Slicer Blade Cross Reference Chart
Fits on Machine Model:      Quantity Per Set              Link:
                   Premium Scallop Edge Blades
Oliver - All Models                  32                              14051032
Oliver - All Models                  42                              14051042
Berkel - All Models                 32                              14052032
Berkel - All Models                 36                              14053036
JAC - All Models                     34                              14053034

Doyson - SM302                     23                              14054023
with 1/4" Rivet

Doyson - SM302                     23                              14054523
with 3/16" Rivet

                      ABT Edge Blades
Oliver - All Models                 32                              14071032
Oliver - All Models                 42                              14071042
Berkel - All Models                32                               14072032      
Berkel - All Models                36                               14072036
JAC - All Models                    34                               14073034



Buy High- Quality Bread Slicer Blades

At Cutlery Mania, we offer a wide range of top-quality Bread Slicer Blades, including Oliver, Berkel, JAC and Doyson Bread Slicer Blades and bread cutter blades, designed to meet the unique needs of bakers and food professionals.

Why Our Bread Slicer Blades Are Different?

High-Quality Stainless Steel

Bread slicer blades are forged from high-quality steel which makes them effective against the action of rust. The blades have a long life of up to a year in their best state. The premium steel makes sure that each bread slice is cut to perfection.

Efficient Design

Our Bread Slicer Blades are engineered for precise and consistent bread slicing. Whether you're a bakery owner, chef, or food service provider, you can count on uniform slices every time, adding a touch of professionalism to your operation.

Diverse Options

We provide a variety of bread slicer blades, including Oliver Bread Slicer Blades, to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your specific bread slicing needs. No more struggling with blades that don't quite measure up.


Frequent blade replacements can be a hassle and an added expense. Our Bread Slicer Blades are built to last, saving you time and money on replacements.


We understand the importance of smooth and efficient operations. Interruptions due to blade issues can be a common pain point. With our Bread Slicer Blades, you can enjoy a consistent and hassle-free bread slicing process, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Our Oliver Bread Slicer Blades and other bread cutter blades are trusted by professionals in the industry. They meet the high standards of quality and performance required in the food service sector, helping you maintain an exceptional reputation.

Premium Blades For All Your Bread Cutting Woes

Bread slicer blades are premium blades that deliver perfect cuts which eventually reflect in the shape of the end product. Say goodbye to all of your woes like irregular cuts, wastage of bread, and crumbing with these blades on your side.

All these premium blades are now available at affordable prices. Choose us as your industry partner and see for yourself the great leaps your business makes. We offer a great range of blades across industries as we specialize in Meat Band Saw Blades, Giesser Primeline Knives, Meat Grinder Knives and Plate and all the cutlery needs of your businesses.

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