Giesser Primeline Knives

Developed especially for butchers and packers who permanently use the knife without putting it away!

  • The ideal knife for piecework deboning.
  • The transition from handle to blade is offset, thus making re-sharpening of the blade very easy.
  • Absolute stability is guaranteed due to the hard core inside the handle.
  • The ergonomic shaped handle is made from very soft and slip proof plastic material, providing a comfortable grip.

Buy Giesser Primeline Knives

Whether you are a seasoned butcher with expertise in modern tools or an old-school one who still prefers a knife, Giesser Primeline knives come in handy in slicing the meat from bones. For all your meat butchering needs, we have Giesser Primeline knives in the repository ranging in sizes from 5 inches to 10 inches. These knives are specially designed considering the ease and need of the butchers.

Why Giesser Prime Line Knives Are a Must In Your Toolkit

High Precision Cuts

Meat comes in different shapes and qualities. A lot of precision is required in the hands of the butcher when chopping the meat. The Giesser Prime line butcher knife has a distinction of smoothly cutting and deboning the pieces.


It's in the design of the Giesser Primeline knife set that the utility of the same is hidden. A little slanted blade from the grip gives the knives the necessary torque to deliver a sharp cut with ease. Also, the transition of handle to blade is counterbalanced which makes resharpening of the blade an easy affair.


Giesser Primeline knives come with a hard core inside the handle to provide maximum stability and grip to the hands which eventually will reflect in the quality of the cuts the butcher has made.

Design Of The Knife

The design of the Giesser Primeline knives is suitable for chopping and skinning of the meat from the bone. The build quality of the handle is great as it is made from very soft and slip-proof plastic material.


Test your craftsmanship with a Giesser prime line knife set. The knives deliver exceptional results and improve your craftsmanship. The slices produced are clean and aesthetically pleasing in appearance. These knives truly give a new impetus to your work craftsmanship.

Buy Now to Forge A Partnership With Your Knife

For great and exceptional results, you should forge a friendship with your knives and tools. With Giesser Primeline knives in your kitty, you will only strengthen this relationship.

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