Band Saw Blade Bone-In 112" 3tpi X 5/8 X .022

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Product Overview

Fits on Machine Model:  All American Challenger - C31

Biro Super - BB

Butcher Boy - B14, Cobra 14

Hobart - 5014, 5114, 5214, 5413, 5514, 5614

Kentmaster - 14

Sanitary - SH

Superior Jones - Junior

Wells - Quikut - K, L

Westglen - 1435    

Length in Inches: 112"

ApplicationBeef, Pork,Fish, Lamb Bone-in

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Cutlery Mania Band Saws

 Cutlery Mania Band Saws : meat saw blades, fish band saw blades, packing house splitter band saw blades, hand saw blades, and deli slicer blades.

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Materials and Use

 The blade material is a high carbon spring steel which is the standard for the industry, the blade is heat treatable and the tooth is heat treated for long life.

 4TPI blades is a tooth selection used normally for smoother cutting finishes.

 3TPI blade is best used if you are cutting bone-in or frozen meat since this provides faster production.


Get the brand you can trust!

   Blades have the Cutlery Mania brand on them to insure quality steel and specifications

   Our Bandsaw Blades are individually wrapped in rust-inhibiting paper

   Blade is heat treatable and the tooth is heat treated for long life.

   Made In The USA




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