Meat Grinders and Parts

Cutlery Mania offers a variety of meat grinder parts, including stainless steel and hardened steel meat grinder plates, stainless steel and hardened steel meat grinder knives.

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Standard Chopper Plates are made in Germany from a special chrome-vanadium steel alloy for extremely long life. Using computerized drilling for plate-to-plate conformity, the maximum number of holes is drilled into each plate to provide for greater production and cooler, more efficient cutting.

 Meat Grinder Knives Available in size 12 (2-7/16"), 22 (2- 7/8"), 32 (3-5/8"), 52 (5 1/8), 56 (6")

Diameter and thickness sizes are 12(2-3/4"- 5/16"), 22(3-1/4" - 3/8"), 32(3-15/16" - 7/16")

Hardened Steel Plates are hubbed, case hardened and precision ground to produce an effective edge to pair with the Hardened Steel Knives. All our Hardened Steel Grinder Plates are designed to be re-sharpenable.

Diameter sizes are 12 (2 3/4"), 22 (3 1/4"), 32 (3 15/16"), 52 (5 1/8" ), 56 (6")

To have your knives and plates sharpened go to the sharpening services section.


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