Giesser Standard 8-inch Breaking Knife, Granton Blade

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Product Overview

Multi Functional- The standard handle is suitable for almost all applications.

Safety-The protective guard prevents the hand from slipping when holding the knife.

Ergonomics-average-size handle made from material that offers excellent slip resistance and is easy to grip.

Looking after Giesser blades:
Regularly sharpen and hone the blade to keep it sharp – day after day and for many years to come.

Professional cooking and butcher knives have to withstand a wide variety of mechanical stress. All working environments
are different, and no two cuts are alike. High mechanical pressure and varying foodstuffs have a corresponding impact on the blade. You can prevent wear by sharpening your Giesser knives regularly to protect their sharpness
and their cutting-edge retention. All you need is a little practice and the right sharpening tools.



  • The knife blade should be regularly ground off with sharpening steel or a fine sharpening stone. This increases the life of the cutting edge. The knife stays sharp for longer.
  • When regrinding blades, make sure that after the rough grind, the surface is honed with a very fine sanding belt or felt wheel.
  • Grind your knife on a sharpening stone with plenty of water - this stops the steel getting too hot and losing its cutting force. Ensure that the steel doesn't become too hot on the sanding belt.
  • The sharpening stone must run true to guarantee a consistent cut and an optimal blade profile.
  • When regrinding with the sharpening stone, make sure that after the rough grind, the surface is honed with a very fine sanding belt or felt wheel.
  • Carefully remove the thread produced while grinding using a hand grindstone. Removing any more will make the blade blunt straightaway.

For Giesser an entrepreneurial virtue.

Since our founding in 1776, we have sharpened our knife blades almost exclusively with natural materials - water and stone.
Almost 250 years later, we are not only one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality knives and accessories, but also a pioneer in sustainability, recycling, and self-sufficiency. At our plant in Winnenden-Hertmannsweiler, Germany, we use no fossil fuels and rely entirely on renewable energy sources, such as solar panels that harness the power of the sun. We use 100% green electricity and heat all our premises with the waste heat from our machines. To stand still is to go backwards! So, we are constantly developing new ways of thinking about the future, to make our products as sustainable as possible and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Warranty Information

Our knives are guaranteed to be a quality product, free of any defect. Contact us if this is ever not the case within a reasonable time to notify us if this is not the case.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review