Plastic Bone Duster (4-Pack)

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Product Overview

Package includes: you can receive 4 bone scrapers, each is about 7.87 x 4.33 inch/ 20 x 11 cm, the size is appropriate so that it will not occupy too much space in the butcher area.

Wide range of uses: bone dust scraper can be applied to removing fish scales or bone fragments on the surface of fresh cut meat; If there is extra thin fat on the surface of fresh cut meat, you also can use bone scraper to assist in removing, leaving clean meat for you.

Plastic material: meat scraper is made of plastic, which is not easy to break and is more corrosion-resistant than metal material; And the plastic material makes the overall weight lighter, so it won't be too tired when you using it

Handle design: the handle of white poly scraper adopts curve design, which is suitable for the radian of fingers to hold, so that you can be more comfortable in use and avoid finger fatigue caused by long-term use

Use safety: the plastic material of the bone dust remover makes it not pointed as a whole; The handle and the blade are far away, when you use it, your hand is at a relatively safe distance, so it is not easy to be injured by accident

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review