Cut Resistant Glove, Stainless Steel Knit Mesh Metal, Food Grade for Kitchen Cooking

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Product Overview

  • CUT PROTECTION FOR ANSI A9 RATING: The highest level of cut-resistance. Its full coverage design and pre-curved shape guarantee maximum comfort and optimal protection.
  • WOVEN FROM 316L FINE STAINLESS STEEL WIRE: Offers better abrasion resistance, higher corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.
  • WASHABLE: Even in dishwashers. Thanks to its durability and resistance to corrosion, cleaning and sanitizing this item is a breeze.
  • COMFORT AND FIT: You get a one-piece stainless steel wire mesh glove, with an adjustable wrist closure, which can be worn on both right and left hands, as well as a one-piece nylon glove to wear underneath, to better fit your hands.
  • FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED: Moreover, its outstanding grip for both wet and dry foods makes it easier to handle fish, oysters, and meat.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review