Cutlery Mania Adjustable Angle Handheld Kitchen Knife & Scissor Sharpener

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Product Overview

  • This pull through knife and scissor sharpener has an adjustable angle of 24 to 48 degrees with the turn of a dial. Angle recommendations for various types of knives are found on the back of the sharpener.
  • The coarse Tungsten steel and diamond sharpener sharpens your knife with 3-6 pulls. The fine ceramic sharpener removes edge burrs to hone and polish your knife with 1-3 pulls.
  • The special ceramic scissor sharpener sharpens with 3-5 pulls of each blade against the ceramic sharpener.
  • To use, do not push or pull back and forth. Please use your left hand to hold the sharpener and your right hand to sharpen the knife. Pull the knife in the direction indicated by the arrow on the top of the sharpener for best sharpening results.
  • Great gift for anyone who enjoys the convenience of simple and quick knife sharpeningKitchen knife and scissor sharpener

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review