Japanese 8 Inch Damascus Chef Knife

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  • Dependable - With a beautiful and unique Damascus pattern, the 8 inch chef knife is not only a culinary tool, but also a work of art. Combining the best features of both Western and Japanese style, this kitchen knife can handle most all your cooking tasks from slicing, dicing to carving meat.
  • Exquisite Performance - The professional chef knife is crafted from Japan VG-10 super steel core and laminated by 66 layers sheet of high carbon steel. A total 67-layer Damascus structure goes through the vacuum heat treatment with repeated folding and forging, and creates an exceptionally tough blade that can withstand heavy use and stay sharp. The tiny pockets of air that are created in the forging process reduce drag and allow food to be quickly released from the blade.
  • Sharp & Durable - Honed at 12-15°on both sides provides enhanced precision as you effortlessly prepare meals. The Damascus steel blade ensures long-lasting strength and resilience, creating the knife of a lifetime.
  • Ergonomic Handle - The triple riveted G10 and wood handle provides better balance and control when cutting. This chef’s knife, with sloped bolster and resin handle, is anti-crack and non-slip, and it ensures a comfortable grip to avoid fatigue for long time use.
  • Total length: 13.2 in. Width: 1.9 in. Handle: 5.3 in. Blade: 7.9 in. Thickness: 1 mm. Weight: 275 g.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review